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Our Approach to Hemp

Located in the farming heartland of the Midwest, Oro-verde Farms is dedicated to the Hemp & CBD sciences. Our research is theory-based. What that means is "we exist in the world of what-if's, never doubting anything, always exploring everything." That translates to unique hemp discoveries and many other amazing discoveries.

Operating exclusively within a theory-based, research methodology we operate in the realm of “what happens if we do this...”. From burning hemp and analyzing the ash, nutrient & soil studies, pest & fungus, electromagnetic expression, frequency studies, germination...these are just some of what we do here each and every day.

"Nothing is impossible when it comes to Hemp"
"we exist in the world of what-if's, never doubting anything, always exploring everything."

As a result from this type of mindset, we have discovered many new and exciting components within this incredible plant. Our studies include but not limited to: Genetics, Agronomy, Nutrients, Feminized Seed Studies, LST Studies, Infusion Studies, Extraction, Cannabinoid Studies, SOPs, Pest Studies, Light Spectrum, Temperature, Environment, Fiber Genetic Studies, Fiber/CBD Hybrid Studies, electromagnetic effect studies, Monster Energy studies.

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Latest Hemp Research Study Completed:
2023 Hemp Research Report: MHRC Cultivar Check Program
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The Science

Here at our Oro-verde Farms, the mindset is "nothing is impossible, every idea is encouraged." As a result, we have discovered many new and exciting components to this great plant and its' effects with the endocannabinoid system.


Found in all mammals, this system is a vital building block between the brain and the body. This communication affects all of our biological functions. The endocannabinoid system continuously modulates these functions to maintain its' own homeostasis, which means "the perfect balance". When you ingest CBD (canna-bi-diol) and other "cannabinoids" found in the hemp flower, you begin the incredible journey to better health, and in many cases the benefits for assisting in many diseases and more.

COAs : certificate of analysis
All material we grow & process is tested for USDA compliance via DEA accredited labs
that specialize in hemp/cannabis analysis to certify all official, research study data.



...includes all flower, kief & shake



...includes all formulas



...includes any solid ingested



...includes all viscous substrates

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